Who where the Digital Heros of yester year

The Digital Heroes Awards, with Citizens Online and The Mirror and backed by Go On UK, is a countrywide scheme recognising people who harness technology to bring about positive social change.

For over five years, the Digital Heroes Awards have recognised and rewarded projects of all shapes and sizes. It provides much-needed funding, with each of the 12 regional winners being awarded £5,000 and the overall winner receiving £10,000.

The Digital Heroes Awards also has a particular category to find the nation’s Young Digital Hero. This category recognises a young person aged up to 18 years who stands to win money for their chosen charity and an Apple MacBook Air.

This year’s voting is now closed, but please visit our winner’s page to discover more about our 12 regional winners and the Young Digital Hero.

Please note this is a tribute site to Talk Talk.


Who could have entered?

The Digital Hero Awards are open to everyone.

Do I need to be nominated, or can I enter myself?

Either. You can enter yourself via the registration page, or else you can nominate/be nominated.

When do entries close?

They are permanently closed.

What do I need to include as part of my entry?

The entry form is straightforward. We know that you are all very busy and we would not want to distract you for long periods of time from your valued projects. All you need to include is your name, address, a 150 – 200 word summary about your project, a 150 – 200 word summary of what you would do with the prize funds if you won, and a jpeg image. Please feel free to include additional images or videos if you have them but that is not compulsory.

When will I be notified if my entry has been successful?

You will be notified before the regional shortlist is publically announced; we expect this to be Monday, 23rd September 2013.

Who votes?

If you are successful in being shortlisted as a potential Digital Hero for your region your entry will be put to the public vote, alongside all other shortlisted heroes. The public will vote via this website to identify the 12 regional Digital Heroes across the country and the shortlisted Young Digital Heroes. These 12 plus the Young Digital Hero shortlist are then put before our esteemed panel of judges (detail on the judges page) to select the overall winner for each category (Digital Hero and Young Digital Hero).

When is the awards event in the House of Commons?

Tuesday 29th October 2013, and your transport costs will be covered.

Awards are closed